Q&A with Iryna Kravtsova and Dan Holland of Stephenson Harwood

                Following our Ukraine Initiative, we have always endeavoured to share information about the Ukraine war and the human consequences of its occurrence. The Ukraine Initiative was a way for us to support Ukrainian lawyers, following the idea that if we could help even just one Ukrainian lawyer […]

Wave of Female Ukrainian Lawyers Seek Work in UK; Recruiters Assist for Free

Ukrainian lawyers, mostly women, are reaching out to legal recruiters in the U.K. seeking work—a very early-days phenomenon that recruiters expect to accelerate over the next few weeks. Several international and domestic law firms, as well as professional service firms, have already committed to taking Ukrainian lawyers on, recruiters say, and they hope to assist with accommodation, […]

Fides Ukraine Initiative

The situation in Ukraine has touched us all, and it has inspired us to launch a new initiative. We are seeking to, on a pro bono basis, help any Ukrainian lawyers who have landed in the UK, or those that intend to move to the UK, find suitable employment. We appreciate that most will want […]




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