Search & Selection

Fides has been a long-term partner for us, delivering highly a professional service and excellent outcomes in Continental Europe and the Middle East, as well as the UK. The team consistently delivers candidates with immediate impact and long-term potential.
International Managing Partner, Global Law Firm.

Our search process aims to combine tried and tested Search and Selection techniques with our unique level of specialist industry knowledge and research tools. We harness the best of ‘People Power’ and ‘Technology’.

Why Search?

  • Demand for talented individuals is constant, therefore we believe firms need to seek out and attract strong candidates, rather than wait for them to appear on their horizon. We pride ourselves on partnering with stakeholders effectively and professionally in achieving their hiring objectives. Clear understanding of the vision behind and rationale for hiring, informs our ability to communicate a coherent and compelling narrative to target candidates.
  • Search delivers results as it facilitates hiring the best talent, but it also affords firms the ability to objectively evaluate the attributes, relevance, and character of target individuals.
  • Search is the most effective tool to best assist a law firm meet its diversity and inclusion aspirations.
  • As search partners to our clients, we have designed a holistic process which takes into account their culture, ambitions and objectives, ensuring a significantly closer candidate to client match.
  • Desirable candidates are generally well-positioned within their incumbent firms, therefore unlikely to be considering a move. Nonetheless, our experience demonstrates, candidates whose experience and fit have been pre-qualified in relation to the role, respond well to targeted approaches.

What is important?
Defining the brief:

A clear, concise and well-articulated brief is key to maximising initial buy in to the opportunity and platform we are taking to market. Hence why we invite clients to allocate a generous amount of time upfront, to work with us in creating and refining an outline and narrative, which will serve as our calling card when pitching a role to candidates. A sound brief is hugely significant in enticing target individuals to entertain a direct dialogue with the hiring party.

Understanding your culture:

Culture constitutes a critical part of any brief and tends to be at the core of most lateral partner discussions. There is no fit without culture. Experience has taught us the better we understand the culture of the client we are representing, the higher our likelihood of getting candidates to agree to a meeting with them.  This trickles down into all aspects of the hiring process, subsequent integration and long term viability statistics surrounding lateral partner hires.

The Search Process:

Harnessing Technology:

Desktop research, combining extensive and painstakingly gathered proprietary intelligence stored within our database with information available in the public arena and ‘best in industry’ technology tools which scan sources of candidate data across the internet.

Our Network:

We utilise our extensive network, of senior in-house, private practice lawyers and compliance professionals, developed over several decades, to identify potential candidates and to garner intelligence.


We produce a longlist of candidates whose profiles are relevant to the brief and take into account agreed diversity criteria. In consultation with the client, we agree a target shortlist of candidates for approach.

Approach Stage:

We approach short listed individuals,  presenting them with a highly tailored message which is derived from the client’s wider strategy and goals, combined with up-front due diligence undertaken on the candidate. We find this personalised approach rarely fails to enhance initial candidate interest and buy-in to the opportunity.


Once approaches have been made, we manage the recruitment process from initial introductions, through numerous rounds of interview, ensuring thorough feedback is relayed to both parties such that it forms the basis for further in-depth discussions. We assist candidates and clients in the business planning phase, ensuring material is delivered in a timely manner.

Offer Management, Acceptance and Resignation:

In the final stages, we provide offer, acceptance and resignation support as well as assistance with respect to the on-boarding of candidates. This includes guidance on buy-back as well as attempts to secure further team members where required.
Communication is maintained throughout the process by way of formal progress reporting, candidate briefing notes and general support to key stakeholders and in-house Human Resources function.