Providing clients with bespoke solutions to their human capital needs.

At the core of our business is a simple idea ‘we bring the right people together’.

Founded in 2013, our focus on people is the very essence of our business. We perceived a gap in the market for a thoughtful, conscientious and client centric search firm. We have been unwavering in our commitment to nurturing diverse work environments which are both inclusive and foster a sense of belonging. We pride ourselves in being nimble and innovative, which informs our range of capabilities and the tools we have developed for our clients' benefit.

The name Fides hails from Latin and embodies our fundamental tenet, "trust"

Trust and integrity are at the very core of our ideology and approach. They are deeply embedded in our culture and working practices. Winning the trust of our clients and candidates is paramount to us.

Global Coverage

Our reach is truly international, spanning 4 different continents and over 25 countries. We have completed hundreds of partner placements, team moves and in-house placements. Our offering consists of a significant advisory and consulting component as well as conventional search and selection.

Our capabilities include the following:

  • Pre-Search Analysis & Consultancy Services
  • Search & Selection
  • Due Diligence
  • Solutions and Advisory Services

We believe our multi-faceted approach backed by a thorough methodology, is what makes us different and able to assist our clients in implementing their key strategic priorities.

Our client portfolio consists of a mix of international corporates, law firms and other professional services businesses. Our In-house offering is uniquely shaped to support business functions which we have come to call the ‘Front-Line of Defence’, namely:

  • Legal
  • Compliance
  • Risk
  • Cyber & Digital Transformation
  • Privacy




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