Private Practice

We have successfully completed numerous high profile searches across a range of practice areas. Our Consultants have specialisms in key areas of private practice ensuring we have deep market knowledge. All our Consultants have experience of working across multiple jurisdictions and uniquely straddle both law firms and in-house.

Dispute Resolution

• Commercial Litigation
• Banking Litigation
• Class Action Litigation
• Construction Litigation
• Insurance/Reinsurance
• International Arbitration
• Privacy & Cyber Litigation
• Regulatory Investigations & White Collar Crime

We have completed numerous high-profile searches in Litigation for a range of clients: U.S and International law firms, UK law firms, Boutique law firms, Regulators and Government Organisations, Financial Institutions, Technology Businesses, Global Corporations and Litigation Funders. Our consultants have executed search mandates in numerous jurisdictions across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the U.S.

Dispute Resolution remains a core practice group for many law firms. Over the past 25 years the litigation market has evolved immeasurably. There is merit in being highly specialised but also in being a general commercial litigator. Our experience in this field has led to a better understanding of the financial mechanics and platform dynamics at play in relation to the successful recruitment of litigators into private practice law firm teams. Unlike recruitment into transactional areas, these dynamics are key to ensuring successful long-term outcomes for our clients.

We have placed numerous in-house litigators into global organisations. These placements often involve sourcing candidates from competing, entities, elite law firms or regulators.


• Real Estate
• Infrastructure
• Construction & Engineering
• Energy

We have completed numerous high-profile searches spanning a wide array of geographies and across the full spectrum of Built Environment for a range of clients including U.S, International Firms, UK Law Firms and a variety of Boutique Law Firms. 

Real Estate, Infrastructure, Construction and Energy continue to be a bedrock for many of our clients. They are also seen as potential areas of growth for the vast majority of our clients, both in the UK and internationally. Our team has experience across the full range of capabilities offered by our clients,  including, Corporate Real Estate Development and Investment, Indirect Real Estate, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Litigation, Construction, Construction Litigation, Projects & Infrastructure, International Arbitration in the Energy & Projects Arena, Project and Energy Finance, Oil & Gas, Renewables & Transport.

Banking & Finance

• Asset Finance
• Capital Markets
• Corporate & Structured Lending
• Financial Structuring
• Fund Finance
• High Yield
• Leverage Finance
• Real Estate Finance
• Restructuring & Insolvency
• Trade Finance

We have completed numerous high-profile searches in Banking and Finance for a range of clients including U.S. International Firms, UK Law Firms, Financial Institutions, FinTech’s, Exchanges and other related organisations. Once again, our consultants have executed mandates across afore-mentioned international jurisdictions.

Banking & Finance remains a core practice group for many law firms, as well as being a key area at a macro level across major economies. As such it is a truly global practice area. Fides Search have, since inception, serviced the financial services industry, having placed senior individuals into financial institutions across legal and compliance. Our in-house expertise underpins our law firm and search offering. Our consultants are uniquely well-positioned given their specialist product knowledge and access to the ‘purchasers of legal services’.

We have placed numerous partners within various areas of banking and finance including Asset Finance, Capital Markets, Corporate and Structured Lending, Financial Structuring, Fund Finance, High Yield, Leverage Finance, Project Finance, Infrastructure and Energy Finance, Real Estate Finance, Restructuring and Insolvency and Trade Finance. We have also worked at the intersection of Finance and Technology as well as alternative fund managers such as Private Wealth and Family Offices.

Our consultants are also familiar with emerging regulated and unregulated technologies, where we use the platform of thought leadership to share knowledge on topics such as blockchain and crypto assets. We have also developed a deep understanding of the regulatory environment having worked extensively with clients on attracting regulatory talent.


• Technology
• Media & Sports Law
• Telecoms
• Data Privacy
• Cyber Security

We have supported our clients  on a number of high-profile strategic TMT hires across our core EMEA jurisdictions. Our experience within TMT has seen us work with clients in a range of jurisdictions from London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Germany, Middle East, APAC and USA. TMT has long been one of the cornerstones of our offering and has been a key strategic sector for us since Fides was founded. TMT reflects both a practice area and a sector in our clients’ businesses and our consultants are well versed in the nuances of both.

We have sourced talent across a plethora of areas from expertise in matters relating to IT, Projects, Outsourcing, Digital Transformation, Procurement, Implementation and Licensing of Technology Solutions. Such is the need, we have a dedicated consultant focused entirely on data protection and cyber security with in-depth understanding and a vast network of contacts across key jurisdictions. Our clients range from technology businesses, leading corporates, media companies through to domestic and international law firms. Our consultants are also well networked across the various regulators.


• Public/PrivateM&A
• Joint Ventures
• Private Equity
• Venture Capital

We have completed multiple high-profile searches across most transactional practice areas, for a range of clients including U.S, International Firms, UK law firms, Boutique law firms, Venture Capital Firms, Investment firms, Corporates and Family Offices. Our coverage spans numerous jurisdictions, including Europe, Middle East, Asia and the U.S.

Corporate activity remains core for many of our clients across M&A, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Equity Capital Markets and beyond. Our private practice clients operate across the board but are particularly active in the premium and upper mid-markets. We have also enjoyed a long history of working within commerce and industry and assisting venture capital firms and their portfolio companies, family offices, Fin Techs, SMEs as well as major private and public companies and investment firms.

Intellectual Property

• Copyright Law
• Intellectual Property
• Patent/Patent Litigation
• Trademarks

We have successfully completed numerous high-profile searches in Intellectual property, this includes work for a range of clients, U.S. and International Firms, UK law firms and Specialist Patent attorney firms. Our coverage spans numerous jurisdictions, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the U.S.

Intellectual property remains a key practice group for many law firms particularly. It is sector agnostic and is a core asset to many of the world’s largest companies. Our consultants have experience in both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ IP. Our ‘hard’ IP experience includes sectoral expertise in areas such as Life Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Electronics & Neurosciences. Our ‘Soft’ IP experience includes intellectual property matters such as Copyright, Designs, Trademarks, Passing Off. Traditionally, these have been across the arts & entertainment sectors; Film, TV, Fashion, Music, Media. We have worked with specialist firms in these sectors, both UK and US, alongside Trademark attorney firms.

In addition to our Private Practice expertise, we have also worked with numerous global corporates in helping them to secure talent across ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ IP.

Specialist Practice Areas

• EU Competition / Antitrust
• Trade
• Anti-dumping
• Sanctions
• Employment
• Tax
• Pensions
• Immigration

Our focus on what we call specialist practice groups runs deep. Often these are skillsets which are truly international. Fides Search have advised numerous law firms on high-profile appointments in areas such as EU Competition / Antitrust, Trade, Anti-dumping, and Sanctions. Our consultants have worked in locations such as London, Washington and Brussels as well as delivering to projects in other major hubs including Europe, the US and Asia.

Our Specialist Practice Groups also include essential areas such as Employment, Tax, Pensions and Immigration. These niche areas of practice can be classified as corporate support or act as stand-alone areas of practice.




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