2023 Update

The year 2023 was a dynamic and competitive one for the big law market, as firms sought to expand their capabilities, attract top talent and increase their profitability. Here are some of the key trends and developments that shaped the legal landscape in 2023.   Lateral hires: The demand for experienced lawyers remained high, especially […]

PwC Annual Law Firm Survey: Highlights

The annual PwC law firm survey has showcased the developments for firms within the last year and noted the general trends across the industry in recent years. With a particular focus on four areas across financial performance, people, working capital, and strategy/transformation, here are the main things reported for 2023: 1.       Financial Performance Although the […]

Fides Team Promotions!

          We are delighted to share some exciting news from Fides Search! Four of our talented team members have been promoted to new roles, reflecting their hard work and dedication. 🎉 George Eves – Researcher to Delivery Consultant 🎊 Gwendolyn Shaw – Delivery Consultant to Consultant 🎉 Mathew Parker – Consultant to Senior Consultant 🎊 Inka Fukalova – Head […]

Breaking – Allen and Overy and Shearman and Sterling Merger

The merger between Allen and Overy and Shearman and Sterling has been voted in favour of. As you may have heard, these two firms have been in discussions for some months, exploring the possibility of creating a global powerhouse in the legal industry. This comes after both firms failed to secure other merger deals with […]

My early experience of the legal executive search industry; what it offered me and what can it offer you?

Being an eighteen-year-old fresh out of A levels, and with limited real working experience, I found myself thinking that I had similarly limited options in how to approach the working world to fund my forthcoming gap year. As I have seen first-hand, young people in similar situations to mine tend to default to extensive hours […]

The Ever-Evolving Landscape of Big Law and a New Global Elite; What is it and what could it mean for you?

In the upper echelons of the legal realm, the landscape of Big Law is undergoing seismic shifts, redefining traditional paradigms whilst casting new light on the roles and statuses of firms, partners, and junior lawyers. As the legal industry stands at the crossroads of innovation and tradition, it is imperative for respective stakeholders to comprehend […]

The Environmental Impact of Artificial Intelligence: Unveiling the Conundrum

The rapid advancement of technology in recent years has given rise to a new era marked by the prominence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This transformative technology has infiltrated every facet of modern life, promising unparalleled efficiency, innovation, and convenience. However, as AI continues to revolutionize industries, it has also brought forth a critical concern: its […]

‘Wish you were here…’ Dublin’s Gravitational Pull as an Investment Funds Hotspot

Since the UK voted to leave the EU in 2016, many international law firms have been seeking new outposts in order to maintain their access to the EU market. Among the most popular destinations for firms looking to retain that access is Dublin, Ireland. Post-Brexit restrictions have made it more difficult for UK-based lawyers to […]

Q&A with Iryna Kravtsova and Dan Holland of Stephenson Harwood

                Following our Ukraine Initiative, we have always endeavoured to share information about the Ukraine war and the human consequences of its occurrence. The Ukraine Initiative was a way for us to support Ukrainian lawyers, following the idea that if we could help even just one Ukrainian lawyer […]




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