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We are delighted to share some exciting news from Fides Search! Four of our talented team members have been promoted to new roles, reflecting their hard work and dedication.

🎉 George Eves – Researcher to Delivery Consultant
🎊 Gwendolyn Shaw – Delivery Consultant to Consultant
🎉 Mathew Parker – Consultant to Senior Consultant
🎊 Inka Fukalova – Head of Research and Delivery to Associate Director

Please join us in congratulating them on their achievements!

Let’s see what Edward Parker our Managing Director had to say on the news:

George joined Fides just under a year ago and has been a tremendous asset since the get-go. His approach to onboarding new information, focus on outcomes for clients and ability to work across different international markets sets him apart. He has now been involved in projects across the UK, Ireland, Germany, and Luxemburg and has developed an exceptional level of understanding of complex markets like Funds and PE. I am delighted to see George progress into the Delivery team and look forward to working with him closely.

Gwendolyn joined us as a researcher and was promoted within 12 Months to Delivery Consultant. During that time I had the pleasure of working closely with Gwen on several successful high-profile searches, numerous Due Diligence exercises and several consultancy projects. It is exciting to see her reach yet another milestone and be promoted to the Consultant team. Gwen has developed exceptional market knowledge, knows the search process inside out and she is tremendous to work with. She is totally deserving of this promotion and I am delighted to be welcoming her into the consultant team.

Mathew joined Fides in July 2020, at that time the conditions were somewhat different to those that we have today. He developed his skillset in one of the toughest markets for search but still managed to achieve a great deal. He progressed very quickly up the consultant ranks and has outperformed even his own exceptionally high targets. Mat has had a focus on highly competitive areas like Digital, Data, TMT, Tech Transactions, PE etc, he has also worked across numerous jurisdictions including the UAE, Dublin, Germany and London. His commitment to clients and consultative approach help him to stand out in a busy market and clients regularly feedback on how impactful he has been. He also demonstrates the qualities of a leader and is someone who will go a very long way in this industry. I’m very excited to continue to work with Mat and to see him step into the role of Senior Consultant.

Inka joined us as Head of Research and Delivery and in so doing created a new function for us, prior to Inka’s arrival we’d never had a delivery function and her joining the business was a pivotal moment in training and developing talent a first for Fides. Inka’s approach to operational rigour and delivering the highest quality search to our clients has enabled us to become even more data-led outcomes-focused and to successfully manage a higher volume of searches. I’m delighted to see her step into the role of Associate Director where she’ll take on more leadership responsibility but more crucially keep supporting clients with their searches and leading a vital part of the business.

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