Fides Search delivers transformational Joint Venture between Spencer West and Kashwani Law in the United Arab Emirates

Fides Search are delighted to have participated in the joint venture of Spencer West and Kashwani Law. Spencer West is a leading independent law firm model which offers clients a high level of service led by partners. Kashwani Law are a very well respected law firm based in the UAE servicing a mix of domestic and international clients.

Fides Search have been supporting Spencer West with their international growth. Having considered a number of different entry points into the UAE market, which is key to Spencer Wests Global strategy, it became apparent that a combination with an existing and established player would deliver the best results. Spencer West and Kashwani law have embarked on an exciting and complimentary Joint Venture which will enable them to capitalise on a raft of synergies and complimentary practice groups and sector alignments.

Antoine West, Managing Partner, Spencer West had this to say– “As a growing firm we are continually seeking opportunities to enhance our international presence, Mathew and the team at Fides had been instrumental in advising us on how we could approach this and really took the time to understand our strategy and we were able to find a local partner that matched our ambitions and guide us through the process to a successful conclusion.”

Hassan Kashwani, Partner, Kashwani Law Firm – We have been an established law firm in the UAE market for over 30 years and we have had aspirations to grow internationally as well as growing our offering here, the aspirations of Spencer West and their vision aligned well and from the introduction through to successful completion, Mathew and the team at Fides supported at each stage of the process. – Great!

Jazmine Bernard, Business Development Manager, Kashwani Law Firm – Fides provided us with a clear and consultative introduction to Spencer West and were able to navigate the cultural understanding of doing business in the middle east effortlessly and in turn resulted in a seamless process.  The updates and follow ups throughout the process from Mathew were second to none and we are very appreciative of his hard work in this joint venture, we look forward to growing our firm, partnerships and being able to assist our clients not only locally but globally due to the outcome of Mathews introduction and hard work.

Mathew Parker, consultant at Fides Search had this to say, “We knew that Spencer West had international plans and the UAE is a developed legal market as well as a gateway to Asia and Africa. We took a consultative approach to this project and presented suitable options for Spencer West and tailored our approach to optimise their entry into the market. We were excited by the team at Kashwani Law Firm and found them seeking to become more international and bolster their presence locally”

Ed Parker, Director at Fides Search had this to say – Spencer West and Kashwani Law have complete what looks to be a transformative Joint Venture. The spirit of this agreement is underpinned by two motivated law firms seeking to offer multijurisdictional legal coverage to domestic and international clients. Both leadership teams have ambitious plans for the Joint Venture and it is truly exciting to have supported in this endeavour.

It was a real pleasure working with both leadership teams and we wish them all the very best in this endeavour.

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